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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My new boyfriend, Lleyton Hewitt. I got to go to the US Open yesterday and saw five minutes of incredible tennis by this guy before the rest of the day was rained out. Posted by Picasa

I hate George W.

On this anniversary week of Hurricane Katrina, I can't shake this overwhelming feeling of REAL HATE that I have for President Bush. He waltzed himself around New Orleans yesterday, visiting landmarks, watching a brass band, saying hello to Fats Domino... He told residents and the world that he takes "full responsibility" for the federal government's slow response to the disaster. Well, Mr. President, does that mean as U.S. citizens that we have the right to put you up on trial for the murder of 1700 people? Put me on that jury. Please.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been a while since my last

There is way too much to catch up on right now but I wanted to get the blog back together so I can report on new things that I encounter while living my renewed East Coast existence. Since my last blog, I ripped myself away from the beautiful bay area, drove all the way across the country and am now in NY - Long Island specifically - in limbo awaiting the readiness of my new apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. So, on to the new stuff...

New Venue/Bar: Union Hall
Located on 5th ave in Park Slope, it's the new go-to spot for all the almost yuppies. It's got bocce ball, old library style booklined walls, and a killer basement lounge style music venue. I definitely see myself in that lounge on frequent occasions.

New (to me) Movie: Dave Chappelle's Block Party
So good I think I need to own it if only for that moment when Lauryn Hill started to sing Killing Me Softly. Also located in Brooklyn!

Some recent photos galleries:
I'll be in touch soon!