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Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been a while since my last

There is way too much to catch up on right now but I wanted to get the blog back together so I can report on new things that I encounter while living my renewed East Coast existence. Since my last blog, I ripped myself away from the beautiful bay area, drove all the way across the country and am now in NY - Long Island specifically - in limbo awaiting the readiness of my new apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. So, on to the new stuff...

New Venue/Bar: Union Hall
Located on 5th ave in Park Slope, it's the new go-to spot for all the almost yuppies. It's got bocce ball, old library style booklined walls, and a killer basement lounge style music venue. I definitely see myself in that lounge on frequent occasions.

New (to me) Movie: Dave Chappelle's Block Party
So good I think I need to own it if only for that moment when Lauryn Hill started to sing Killing Me Softly. Also located in Brooklyn!

Some recent photos galleries:
I'll be in touch soon!


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