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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 9/11 and Everything Else

This is undoubtedly a difficult and memorable day for all Americans. Here in New York, the first Tuesday on the 11th of September since that fateful day in 2001, the thunder is booming and the rain is falling sideways. Six years ago, the sky was clear and blue as far as the mind could stretch. Today's gray sky and drenched streets have a Louisiana feel. It could be the fact that I've been repeatedly listening to Anders Osborne's latest album, Coming Down, that was delivered to my door a few days ago. Sadness overcomes as he sings "Oh Katrina" as if he's singing to a woman who broke his heart: "You pushed me and you pulled me and you tore my heart apart. You took me and you shook me and you left me all alone in the dark. Everything I love is almost gone. Since you came along, I can't go home. " (There's a live track of the song on his myspace page.) I'm feeling the strong connection between The Big Easy and The Big Apple today. So much loss, it's hard to comprehend. So, today I listen to the blues to soothe my soul. Mad love...


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