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Thursday, March 27, 2008

There are ghosts in Berlin...

... and we met one of them. While we were attempting to club hop on our off night in Berlin, there were about ten of us that settled in at this one place for a couple of drinks. There are two actual people in this picture - Lacey and Sarah - and one not-so-actual person. Maybe two. He looks like he's just walking by, holding a drink perhaps. Take a look and you decide.

There's the city of Berlin as it exists today and then there's the city that once was, that is felt all over. The new on top of the old, life replacing death. But who's to say the spirits aren't still there, existing on some level (apparently a level picked up by my digital camera) among the living?


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10:45 AM  
Blogger KWaver said...

Actually that's pretty cool. But why is there so much hazy fuzziness in the picture (smoke? digital effect?)

2:38 PM  
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Blogger Akinol said...

See Please Here

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