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Monday, May 09, 2005

Umphday #3

All in all, (and "All in Time"), it was a fantastic weekend of music. Highlights tonight were the much-welcomed "All in Time" and a brand new song called "Passing." The second set started with an uncanny version of "Shine on Your Diamond" that sounded just like the real thing - they totally nailed it note for note. "Glory" was, for lack of a better word at this hour, glorious. Overall a generally mellower night and a perfect bookend for this three-night run...

05.08.05 - Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California
Set One: Believe the Lie, Much Obliged > Jazz Odyssey > Water, All In Time, Uncle Wally, Nopener, Passing, Running With the Devil, Bad Poker
Set Two: Shine On You Crazy Diamond > Plunger, The Crooked One > Hurt Bird Bath > "Jimmy Stewart" > Syncopated Strangers, Slacker^, Women Wine and Song > Hurt Bird Bath
Encore: Glory > Push the Pig
^ with Eric Levy on keys


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