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Monday, February 12, 2007

Gnarls got robbed.

Seriously... it's CRAZY that Gnarls Barkley didn't win record of the year. Cee-lo's smile when they announced the nominees and the ROAR from the crowd in attendance at the Grammy's (and the fact that it was really the greatest song of the year) made it seem like it was just the natural thing to hand that gramophone to the genius hitmaking duo. But no... seems like the Grammy's were making some sort of political statement by making the Dixie Chicks their stars for the night. I've been listening to Taking the Long Way this morning and sure, it's a nice album. But "Crazy"! That was SO the song of the year! Did The Raconteurs, Ray Lamontagne and Cat Power do their own brilliant interpretations of "Not Ready To Make Nice"? I don't think so! I just heard this song for the first time TODAY. "Crazy" was EVERYWHERE!

Anyway, it's kinda dumb to get all upset about the Grammy's but I just think Cee-lo and Danger Mouse got robbed. Sorry, guys. Everyone knows you are the winner anyway!


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