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Friday, April 20, 2007

Fired Up

Ten things to feel good about today:

1. It's 4/20, dude!

2. The sun is finally shining in Brooklyn!

3. I have finally stopped watching CNN. Man, this was a rough week.

4. Hood. And this Mike's Groove from Cypress! Weeeeeeeee!

5. The acoustic Duo show last night especially when Skerik came out and unleashed his voodoo magic.

6. The fact that indie-kids have gone over the top in their irrational fear of jambands - jamaphobia?

7. The Green Apple music fest this weekend is actually gonna be fun!

8. That new cingular unlimited text commercial with the kid that speaks acronym language.
Kid: "Omg, t.i.s.n.f!"
Mom: "Me paying this phone bill! That's what's s...n...f...!"
9. Magikimock tonight and gettin' a Phix tomorrow - why not?!

10. In one week from right now, I'll be making a bee line for the soft-shell crab po'boy stand at JazzFest.

This is the best I've felt in some time. Rock on, my lovelies.


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