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Sunday, May 20, 2007

RD in NYC Aftermath

Rotary Downs NYC weekend was a blast! The LES got its share of the Downs starting with their set on Thursday at the Mercury where we made new friends with the fine folks of Jupiter One. On Friday, the RD set was simultaneous with the free PBR hour at the Hot Rocks Party at the Delancey which turned up the rowdy vibe. The Brooklyn/NOLA connection grew stronger at the cozy Magnetic Fields on Saturday night. Andy Friedman & The Other Failures had an awesome set after RD and we all had a really fun night.

Here's a clip of "Holiday Home" from Friday night's show:

Holiday Home
This is the first last chance
I'm up on a broken branch
determined to sing like a beheaded king

If there's love in this world
there'll be miracles unfurled
like sails on the sea if you only agreed

It gets cold in the evening
I'm gonna freeze my bones
'til the morning shows

And I'm stoned on believing
you could just pick up the phone
but you leave me alone
in my holiday home

So stoned, frozen alone
up on a tree in the fall away zone
holiday holiday holiday holiday holiday holiday holiday home

RD at The Mercury

Free PBR dude!

The amazing Layla Isis does her bellydance at The Delancey.

Andy Friedman rockin' Magnetic


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