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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Last One Ever?

Brooklyn was graced with a performance by Surprise Me Mr. Davis last night at Park Slope's Union Hall. Nathan Moore made a comment towards the end of the night that this could be the last SMMD show ever. Now, some folks got nervous but think about it, anything we ever do could always be the last time we ever do that thing - no matter how much we love it. He's just stating the truth - it could really be the last one ever, he swears it. Treasure the present and hope for the best...

This is more or less the setlist:

Set I: ???, ???, When A Woman, Summer Of My Fall, Poor Boy, Unprotected Sex Song, Everything Must Go

Set II: ???, Ambrosia Drunk, I Wanna Get to Heaven, I Hate Love, Red Sky, Sleepyhead, As Long As There's One Of Us Standing

Encore: Back in 15 Minutes, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Last One Ever


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