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Monday, April 28, 2008

The River JazzFest

The river runs through it... JazzFest that is. Yesterday was another incredibly rainy day but that didn't damper the spirit of JazzFest one bit. The sun started to finally peek through the clouds during Irma Thomas's set yesterday afternoon. And Al Green sang us love songs to send us on our way into the nighttime...

The nighttime, which started with an amazing meal at Upperline, took us from Tipitina's where Rebirth Brass Band opened up for Leo Nocentelli's Rare Funk Gathering. Leo is the original source of "super space funk" if you asked me.

As the night got fuzzy, it was time for a trip back downtown to the Howlin' Wolf where there was some major howlin' going on... from Skerik's horn. Not sure what this incarnation was called but we had Marco & Joe with Skerik and Eric Krasno blasting away in a Bustle-esque fashion. This is a band to write home about! So... I'm writing home about it...

Today was the beginning of the "daze between" which I just love. The noise settles down and the brain starts repairing itself. We made the pilgrimage uptown to get Domilise's poboys. People, if you have not hunted this place down yet, you are missing out on the best poboys in town. While uptown we went to visit our friends at the Dirty Coast store to buy some t-shirts. And now for a little down time before checking out the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars tonight at DBA!


Blogger Jorge said...

Sounds like you are makin all the right moves at JazzFest ... living vicariously --- Alan D.

3:33 PM  

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