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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday Night in the LES

Just a quick post to remember the music I saw last night. You pretty much have your pick of an unimaginable amount of things to do and music to go see live in NYC on any night. Pretty incredible, actually. First stop was to eat cuban style corn at Cafe Habana - thanks to the obsessive craving by Miss Rachel Seiden which started with an IM ping at 10am about it.

Next stop: Living Room

This gent is David Ford - a one-man show from the other side of the pond. He's a cheeky fellow (loved when he said "This one is about where I come from. A little town called England. We used to own your country.") with some powerful and emotive singin' pipes. He starts out by singing into his mic, starting to layer his own voice, sits down and adds a guitar line which begins to loop, adds piano, etc etc... until there's a magnificent sound coming from the stage. While all of his machines are working independently of himself, he is free to stand up and belt into the mic with all his might. Check out the album I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused but such as it is with solo artists (or any artist really), it's all about watching him create this stuff in front of your eyes.

Next stop: CBGB's

The days of CBGB's are numbered. I believe there is only a few weeks left that the doors will be opened for business. Luckily our friend Jake of Rocks Off is filling the stage with righteousness. I'm thankful that I got to experience CB's a couple of times since I've been here - the walls are literally covered with memories and going to the bathroom feels like you are going down into a dungeon that you'll escape only if you're lucky.

Last night a NYC staple, RANA, minus a keyboardist, rocked the house. Metzger really is a treasure and they looked like they were having a blast up there. There was plenty of honkytonk to go around as Metzger (aka Boots) accompanied drummer Ryan Thornton (also from NYC band Sam Champion) for "Sad Songs.

A great random night in NYC!


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