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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

...winding down - sorta.

Hello again from Amsterdam :) Been a busy couple of days! Jam in the Dam ended last night. The shows were fun but the second night was the best. This kind of felt like one too many to me. I was thinking two longer days with six bands would be great but the logistics would be a nightmare I bet. Anyway, this is a good fest. It will be interesting to see what they cook up for next year. I would definitely consider coming back next year - with a little help from my friends though.

Funny to watch the budding friendship between da Umph and Bisco - a "merger" if you will. I really enjoyed Sector 9 - great to get a reaffirmation - the smallish room helped. The Duo was a perfect addition to this mix. This lineup works because each of these have pretty hard core followings that would travel so far to just see their band.

Today, after doing the final JamBase writeup I went to wander around and see what kind of trouble I could get into. I found the 420 Cafe - the music et al. was very inviting (thanks, Andy). Also got furthur photographic evidence of the JamBase stickers in the Grey Area (there are 3). This city looks a lot different to me then when I was here 10 years ago. The red light district looked familiar when I walked through there today. I don't remember so much shopping last time I was here - I did window shopping only.

Ok, so now, back to the hotel to rest up before I go meet Dennis Cook at the Paradiso to see the Black Crowes! Tomorrow morning, I train to Hamburg and see Umphrey's for their last show (I couldn't NOT go at this point...) then probably straight to the airport for my morning flight to London. Gotta find a holding pattern spot in London for Friday night and then I fly back to San Francisco Saturday morning. I can't believe it... I feel so far away!


Blogger f.t. said...

Rawk out! I'm very jelous... not missing a whole lot here in SF. We eagerly await your return sweetDee!

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