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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doug Martsch: So Not a Rock Star That He Is One

Well well well... It seems I've acquired a few readers somehow. Now my compulsion to tell you everything grows so I will probably need therapy at some point because I won't be able to be away from my computer for extended periods of time without having some kind of anxiety attack. Oh wait, that already happens.... I did curse myself extensively for leaving my camera at home last night but it's probably alright because the men of Built To Spill are not exactly too pretty. But BOY do they ROCK! What an awesome awesome show that was at Irving plaza last night.

I first saw Built To Spill at Slim's in San Francisco in late June after falling head over heels for You In Reverse earlier in the spring. I am fully aware that I am a mega-late comer when it comes to this band. What can I say? Phish completely dominated my life in the '90s. Indie rock had to wait until my dreadlocks were cut and my Saturn returned to really make a dent in my world. I digress...

Back at the Slim's show in San Francisco, I have to say I probably wanted to love that show more than I actually did. I loved it for the pure fact that I got to hear some of my new favorite songs - "Conventional Wisdom" and "Goin' Against Your Mind" - along with some other familiar tunes - like "Else" which I knew because it has been covered by The Slip, my lovelies. My next BTS show was at Lollapalooza this summer. Also great.

But last night was "it." After a full summer of touring, they are so good right now. The set was pretty much the same as far as song selection (as far as I could tell) and production (that freakishly edited Lassie storybook on the projection screen behind them) but it just had so much more power. Doug Martsch's voice is so pristine it can just take you away...

And the rocking! The (gasp) JAMMING! I have a lot of emails to make today so I can't poke around the internet all day but will someone please tell me who the other guitarist is?? Standing off to Doug's left, almost in the shadows, certainly under a lot of head and facial hair (not at all unlike our fair Jim James circa 2003), was this man taking all the important solos and going off head to head with Doug. The 15 minutes or so of freaked out space jam rock your face goodness for the encore was fabulous.

Thanks Built To Spill!


Blogger Montgomery Friesen said...

the sasquatch guitarzan was Brett Nelson, his guitar is as important as Doug's.

4:06 PM  

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