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Friday, March 30, 2007

Delighted and Amazed

Technology rears its lovely head again today. Andy (via Seth Godin) alerted me to something super cool that will change my life. The Stripe Generator. Those neat looking striped backgrounds on websites look really effortless but you'd be surprised what a PITA it is to make those damn things. Maybe I just don't know the "real" way to do it but now I don't have to know!

I like what Seth said about it:

Most people can't imagine why you'd want Stripe Generator. After all, it's just a free tool that... makes stripes.

But a few people will bookmark it and use it regularly. A few people will have their lives changed by it (in a good way).

Not a lot of room to make stuff that everyone thinks is great. I think you're a lot better off delighting and amazing the niches.

Food for thought, Seth. Food for thought.


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