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Friday, March 23, 2007

Never too early to start planning my birthday...

I just learned that Ani DiFranco will be performing at the Prospect Park Bandshell on July 18th aka my *gasp* 32nd birthday. This is exciting because while she certainly does kick ass, I am mostly excited for this spring / summertime thing to happen! Concerts in the park just a few blocks away! Yay!

I imagine the Celebrate Brooklyn page will be adding their events soon. Last year's list of events looked awesome!

So far, the only other shows on ticketbastard are this Ani DiFranco show and two Manu Chao shows on June 26 & 27... sick!


Blogger Ruben Bailey said...

Arcade Fire/Manu Chau in P-Town Memorial Day Weekend.

Is niiice?

4:13 PM  
Blogger rob ronanea said...

you should have a big BBQ in the park for your bday. i have a big one every year--and it's a blast. there are BBQ grills right next to the bandshell--you can hear the music perfectly! just make sure to discreetly pour the beer into plastic cups :)

12:28 PM  

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