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Monday, March 05, 2007

Fresh Air

Just spent an amazing weekend in Vermont with close family friends I have known since I was born. The son that is closest to my age now comes along with his lovely wife and adorable three-year-old daughter. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday WE were the kids at that house. We did manage to regress and act like adolescents as we raced each other down the mountain. The skiing at Okemo was wonderful - tons of fresh snow and great conditions all weekend. Made me sad that it was my only ski weekend all year but it felt great to get out there. There is just something magical that happens when you cross over the state line into Vermont. All time restraints and worries go away.

A few more musical mentions from last week... I went to the ASCAP showcase at The Annex on Thursday night to see Apollo Sunshine. Such a fun 5-song set which featured a newbie as well as the faves - Flip, Magnolia, Today. And on Friday, we had a fun night at Irving Plaza where we saw the "new" JJ Grey & MOFRO who is embarking on a huge tour to pimp the new album, Country Ghetto. I say "new" band even though the band of MOFRO is the same but they added a horn section for the tour which sounds amazing and there is definitely an effort to show that this band and its music are created by JJ himself. I've got to say, he is looking might fine these days too. Sharon Jones came out for the encore - she sang a bluesy medley and totally schooled JJ. It was pretty damn awesome.

Both Apollo and JJ Grey will be at Langerado this weekend and so will yours truly. Bring it on!


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Was doing a search on blogs discussing Langerado and came upon your site. Stop by and say hello, we'll be there in our second year:

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