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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Photo by James Harris. More here.

I went down to Georgia this Memorial Day weekend for my first Amberland with Perpetual Groove. These boys have become some of my dearest friends in this music world of ours and I was thrilled to be able to go this year. They invited me to come play violin with them which was such an honor.

While I realized this was going to be a relatively chill and intimate weekend compared to other festivals, I didn't realize how truly special this event is. Amberland is basically a fan appreciation weekend for PGroove and a chance for them to shine without any other distractions. It was so refreshing to be at an event that was focused on one band. It really brought me back to the Limestone/Oswego/Plattsburgh days but on a much smaller level, of course. Today's multi-stage festivals are amazing in their depth and variety but to be around approximately 700 people who all share the love for the same band, a different kind of atmosphere can flourish. Instead of running around catching as much as you can between sets, you are free to hang out, make new friends, make bacon, whatever.

The shows were fantastic and supported by an extremely professional production in both sound and light. Having experienced the sound on stage now, I know how really incredible the equipment really was but nothing can be done without the meticulous work by the band's team - Patrick on monitors, Newt on front sound and Huffer with his amazing light show.

My highlights obviously include when I was on stage playin' in the band - totally a surreal experience. We did "Out Here" on Saturday night and "All This Everything (Part 1)" on Sunday. I also got to do Wilco's "Jesus, etc." with Brock during his solo show on Friday night. Brock's solo sets are really such a treat as he loops his way around a wide variety of mostly cover songs like Paul Simon's "Graceland," Secret Machines' "Alone, Jealous, and Stoned," and the beautiful "Queen Bee" by Taj Mahal. He also did an awesome rendition of the entire Super Mario Brothers theme (beginning, middle and the resolution at the end) as well as the Sopranos theme with guest Tye Munn.

Major major props to Adam's brother, Damien Perry, who sat in multiple times on guitar and totally outstaged me which is more than fine. He was jawdroppingly fun to watch. Check out his band Red Giant. I had a funny moment with him backstage as he was focusing, getting in the moment, and trying to decide what antic he'd do next. "I could try to do a backflip, maybe."

Brock, Matt, Adam and Albert, I love you guys so much! Thanks for an amazing weekend that I will never forget. Lifelong bonds were made this weekend, I know it. PGroove music makes me feel...


Blogger Greg said...

I enjoyed my 1st Amberland as well. Thanks for being there and adding to the magic.

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