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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Music: I'm From Barcelona

Springtime is here. The sky is blue and people have emerged from their winter dens to turn their faces to the sun like flowers. What better time to get acquainted with some sunny overproduced pop music? I'm From Barcelona are not actually from Barcelona, they are Swedish. Personally, Barcelona is my dream destination, a trip I'm saving for some extra special time so I can understand the desire to channel the untamed romance of the place. IFB have put out an album called Let Me Introduce My Friends and it just makes me smile. Emanuel Lundgren, whose official credit in the band is "The Principle," has basically invited all of his friends to his house to make noise and sing and voila... you've got magic. The all-inclusive Montreal sound and it's do-it-yourself nature has drifted to Scandinavia, been reinterpreted and been given cute lyrics like "I have built a treehouse / Nobody can see us / it's a you and me house." We all need little reminders from time to time not to be so damn serious all the time, right?

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