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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Super sun Dee...

Hola amigos! Back at my hotel (free internet at the bar - Luis is making me a mojito) after another scorcher at the beach. Slightly more overcast today but i still managed to get my legs bright red - ouchie!

This morning started out kinda rough because of a night on the town with my new friends Ken and Cary (the awesome gay couple from LA). They are opening a day spa in LA called DTox that will open before the end of the year so i have to remember to look them up. Anyway, after i blogged yesterday i came back to sit by the pool and Ken and Cary came back from their day. We hung out for a while and they invited me out to dinner with them. It was their last night here so that was nice.

We walked along 5th ave for a while which is AMAZING at night. everything is all lit up and all the wares look so good. We chose a lively restaurant with a mariachi band outside - we were looking for some real mexican flava. We ordered drinks - i had a huge mango margerita - yum! For dinner, i had a mayan fish filet with bananas wrapped in banana leaves - so good. After ANOTHER huge mango margerita (the boys were also indulging in mas tequila) we went out to this trendy-ish bar that was very euro and very LA - something in between. There were these beds that you hang out on by a pool. Very good looking bartenders... very nice place. We had a few more drinks there and Cary wanted to go to the Blue Parrot but we were pretty toasted by that point so back to La Tortuga we went. It was a fun night but made for a difficult morning as far as getting anything down into my stomach. After a few hours of laying out at the beach i felt better :)

So now i´m back at the hotel. Not sure what i´ll do for dinner as i´ll probably be dining alone (unless i run into the OTHER cute gay couple we met last night - i like hanging out with the gay guys because they are guys but no pressure - perfect sitch. and because i´m from SF, they feel comfortable around me!) I made arrangements to get a car to go to Tulum tomorrow. i got kinda roped into a promotional deal where i have to go check out this new hotel in the morning but they are gonna give me the car for free so what the hey. i´ll probably go to tulum and coba to climb the pyramid and maybe check out a cenote or two. PIBE!

Ok, i have to concentrate on my two mojitos right now. TTYL. Mucho amore...


Blogger coolbreeze said...

Dee Dee,
I am so enjoying reading about your vaction everyday that i feel like i am there with you. Do you see me lying next to you in my skimpy speedo?
enjoy dee,
enjoy the rest of your time in paridise mi amore!!!!!

7:12 PM  
Blogger ken said...

HOLA! It's Ken and Cary -- (actually it's just me, Ken) I just found this blog and it freaked me out... I was, "who is this chick talking about our trip to Playa".. and then it hit me. So HOW are you? It was great to read about this vacation! It made me smile to read about the good times we had. and a little sad because it was the last vacation Cary and I have been able to go on. dtox spa has taken all of our time... believe it or not, we just opened dtox spa about 4 months ago... it was a long long process and at this point we are just spent! We need another vacation! Anyways - I just had to write you and say Hi! Thanks for all the kind words in your blog and making our trip to mexico so fun. Call us if you are in town k -- take a look at what we created!!

email me anytime.


take care!

1:49 PM  

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