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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Greetings from London

Hello from London! The flight was great - Virgin Atlantic is definitely the way to go. Good meal, TONS of media on demand, and I ended up with my own row so I was able to stretch out and get a lot of sleep. I woke up and found breakfast ready, coffee being served and an hour to go until we landed.

From Heathrow, I easily found the Underground and took the tube (mind the gap!) on the Picadilly line, switched to the Northern line and landed here at Totten-something something... Forget the name of the stop here! Arrived at the St. Giles Hotel and ran into the Umph-crew - Robbie, Adam, Don, and Kevin - who were getting ready to go load into the venue which is just a block away.

Feeling well rested, I went to poke around SOHO which is so neat. I found some great boutiques and vintage stores. Kept having to remind myself that £40 is not nearly the same as $40 so I've refrained from buying anything... so far. I wandered around, got myself lost and then found again... London feels good! It seems so familiar in many ways - lots of the same stores and everything is in English which is helpful. The streets in this neighborhood are so zig-zaggy-crazy that I don't even notice which side people are driving on. Weather is not terrible - drizzly and gray but whattya expect! Same as SF right now...

Got back to the hotel and Tanner and Emily were just arriving. We went up to the mini-suite which is really not a suite by American standards at all! Back downstairs we ran into the rest of the band getting their acts together and heading over to the venue for soundcheck.

Now I think the trip is catching up to me so I think I'll go chill out for a bit before the evening arrives...


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