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Monday, December 26, 2005

...And the Ghosts of NYE!

I have been enjoying a quiet day in an empty office this afternoon listening to the illustrious "Live at Madison Square Garden" - Phish from New Year's Eve in 1995. Andy G mentioned to me last week that the reason this show is so fabulous is because it's a "Page" show. Great point... It's almost like when Trey doesn't have to ALWAYS be the front guy, that's when the real magic happens.

This show was amazing. The Reba... the Runaway Jim... the Forbins..... It's nice to hear this second set so clearly now in my old age of 30, because when I was there, present, at the adorably clueless age of 20 (GEEZ), I was absolutely losing my mind. So much that I am really quite shocked that I made it out of the Garden will all of my marbles that night. (Well, ok, maybe I lost a few along the way...)

For those of you that didn't (or don't want to) get the nice 3 disc set with full-color book of photos and stuff, they of course have it available for download at (As if Phish really needed me to sell this for them.)

Happy New Year y'all. I am off to Chicago to see the next band in line, Umphrey's McGee.


Blogger Justin said...

I'll be there, too. Are you covering it for JamBase or just making a personal voyage?

11:40 AM  

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