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Saturday, May 21, 2005

one more night...

This will likely be my last post from Playa del Carmen. I spent today on the beach. Very crowded today... I sat right in front of the music (at Mamitas Beach Club) - the music was great. Kinda housey, very organic, reminded me very much of Sector 9 which is fitting given my location. The beach was crowded today mostly with seemingly well-to-do Mexicans. They were beautiful and loud too. Of course i have no idea what they were all talking about but they seemed to be having a great day.

Just got invited out to dinner with a big crew that is here at the hotel from Arkansas. Should be interesting!

That´s really all i got for ya today. I have a ride to the airport at 2pm tomorrow afternoon so i´ll probably spend the early part of the day hangin out here by the pool.

Oh, i got some info for Ilissa and Curry´s wedding... The place i was asked to find out about is called Iberostar Tucan which, what i´ve learned, is south of playa del carmen in Playa Car so i wasn´t able to go over there and check it out myself. From what i hear, it´s the same as any big all-inclusive - Iberostar is a chain, apparently. Anyway, i just got another place to look into in Tulum. Apparently it´s just gorgeous and cheaper only it sounds like we´d be roughin it a bit more. Where i am staying now would be a perfect place to rent out the whole thing (44 rooms) but that might not be feasible given the size of the party. We´ll discuss...

Also i will highly recommend La Tortuga for Toby and Kitty´s honeymoon. I even got them a little surprise to use while they are here as a wedding gift. Yay!

Ok, going to chill before dinner and my last night in playa (boo hoo!) No, it´s cool. I love coming back to SF - it´s easier leaving a lovely place like this knowing i´m heading back to my wonderful friends in the best city ever!


Blogger coolbreeze said...

I love your stories and appreciate the research effort. The REAL Mexico has so much more to offer than Tequila, please tell your friends.'

Mucho Gusto,

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