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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Ghosts of Christmastime

Man, the holidays sure do have a way of kicking you around, don't they? I think the combination of everyone saying "Merry" this and "Happy" that with all those jingling bells is "their" way of making sure people don't throw themselves into oncoming traffic. (Yes, I am being overdramatic for effect.)

The rollercoast came through town again. This time Dad wasn't feeling well and after they went to the ER, he was scheduled for a triple bypass. Everything went well and it's gonna be fine but what a kick in the pants! Life certainly does continue to throw up those little reminders to take stock in what is really important. Family seems to keep rising steadily to the top of that list. Interesting how you go through such different phases in your life about what you value...

Ghosts from my past tumbles through the years have been coming to me in my dreams. What do they mean? Are they a sign to reach out? Or are they just reminders of why you are at the point you are at right now? Or do we act things out in our dreams that we cannot and will not do in real life? Or have I just eaten way too much this holiday season and need to get all this damn sugar out of my system?


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