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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Show was great - off to Paris...

A quick blog before getting on with the day...

After a cat nap and a shower, Tanner, Emily and I went out to find some dinner. This is a big theater area so there was tons of stuff. We found a yummy Morrocan/Lebanese place across the street from where Mary Poppins was happening.

We arrived at the Mean Fiddler and the floor was already full with kids waiting for Da Umph. I went back to say hello and the show began shortly after. It was somewhat of a slow start but it picked up towards the end of the first set and the crowd was lovin it. Highlights... "Blue Echo" (love the fast part of it that they do now) and an AWESOME "Wife Soup" to open the second set. A big "Glory" in the second set and "Believe the Lie" encore. I'll have to check the setlist again for more goodies.

The crowd was great - very American. I kept wanting to meet some London Umphreaks and kept meeting people from Chicago! Finally met some young heady types from London. They were asking me if I was waiting for Phish to "reform." They have a Euro-Phish message board site that I'll have to check out - Also, they are in a band, of course - I wrote down the name, I'll have to post it later. They were psyched to hear I was from JamBase which made me think that it would be cool if we got to know our Euro-base a little better. They are thirsting for the scene out here! We gotta help 'em!

I also met the album art guru legend Storm Thorgeson who did the cover art to Umphrey's new album, Safety In Numbers. He's done covers for Pink Floyd and a bunch others through the years. He's a lovely man! His first Umph show - so cool he came out. At set break the band was taking pictures with him and people were asking him to sign the cover of the album. I learned that the sheep's name on the cover is "Honey." Cute... Anyway, he was like, "Well, I've got to run along now."

So, my time here on this computer is running out... Show was over pretty early, we were hanging back stage for a while - had to stand in the stairwell because the lights in their dressing room went out for some reason. (I use the words dressing room lightly anyway.) Silliness ensued back at the hotel and then everyone was off to bed... Boys went to Milan this morning and i'm off to paris!


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