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Friday, October 06, 2006

What's a "Gomez"?

The brain is not quite working at full capacity today and I need to reserve those few electrical sparks for closing out the work-week so I'll let the pictures do (most of) the talking today. (Yeah! Remembered the camera this time!)

First stop of the night was dinner at applewood in Park Slope. Delicious! Every single morsel of food was just scrumptuous and delightful. The wine began...

Second stop: The Mercury Lounge - New Monsoon & Hot Buttered Rum. Here we have a crazy double-headed fiddler (Aaron Redner) from HBR sitting in with NM. The last time I saw a double bill with these two bands it was at The Fillmore in SF! Ten times the size of the Mercury! Crazy! Good vibes, good jams in there... I'll take NM over SCI any day, IMHO.

Next stop: Bowery Ballroom - Gomez. Here we have the lovely Gomez with some Antibalas horns thrown in. This is their first of three nights at the Bowery this weekend. Tonight I hear there is a string section... Gomez totally rocks and they have fun doin' it. I'll be heading back on Saturday for more...

Here we have the ladies (hey ladiesssss) celebrating the goodness of rock'n'roll! What follows is the post-show silliness that ensues when people don't yet wanna go home...

Monica is showing off her Gomez posters - pretty sweet!

Now Monica shows off her Gomez.

She don't say nothing, she just give you that look.

The Bowery Ballroom Bar

This is just hot.
From the wall outside of Sweet&Vicious.

Until next time....


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