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Saturday, November 04, 2006

CMJ Continueth

There seems to be some new people coming to my house. I can feel you out there in interwebland, watching, typing. For my own sanity, I hope you don't mind if I just go ahead and pretend you are not there. Pretend that I am talking to myself over here.

CMJ continues on this week... On Thursday, I went into the city for the "Whose Space" panel on issues arising from user-generated content sites. Google video and SONY were up there patting themselves on the backs for being deal-making geniuses while some folks in the audience were getting a bit restless. This seems to be kind of a hot issue... as more and more of this multimedia content becomes available for an infinite amount of people to potentially make money on, where does the artist fit in? Or do they simply reap the benefits of becoming better known by having infinite outlets for their art?

Thursday night's musical escapades were kind of a crapshoot for me. I had every intention of bopping around and catching what I can but my post-Vegas exhaustion was really starting to catch up with me. I went to a party at The Delancey put on by my SF friends, IODA. I met some cool geeky internet music types while Thurston Moore spun some records. From there I went to Tonic to check out what was happening at the Thrill Jockey showcase. Their first act of the night was Angela Desveaux, a Canadian songbird. She had a lovely voice but at that time, I needed some loud guitar to keep me out that night. So, my feets did their walking to the F Train home... Here's Angela:

If my clone were in good working condition I would have sent it over to the Velour Records showcase to see Sonya Kitchell and Kaki King. Alas...

Stay tuned...


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