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Monday, October 09, 2006

Couple o' vids from Saturday night

Life in cyberworld is a bit touchy today. My outlook just crashed and I'm currently performing an Inbox Repair Tool which seems to be doing...something. Oh outlook, how much grief can you dish out in my life? I'm about ready for the complete switch to gmail...

Anyway... on to more important things. Saturday night was a great music-filled NYC night. The night started off with another hit from the Gomez pipe at the Bowery Ballroom. These chaps put on such a grand show. Can't wait for them to come back already! Gomey! Gomey! Here we have the end of "Sweet Virginia". who doesn't love a crowd sing-along?? It just feeeeeels goooooood.....

Next... down to the Knitting Factory we go for some good ol' Stanton Moore rockin funktasticness. The touring Trio is Stanton with the slammin' Robert Walter and the beloved Bay Area brother Will Bernard. Skerik was pretty much a full member of the band this night and other guests included Josh Roseman, Cheme, Ben Ellman... um, was that it? It was hot, that's all. Good times music. Here's some Zeppelin Hendrix (thanks Neddy I blame Ketel One):

And today is Trey Day! It's a bit ironic that I wrote a not-so-pleased cd review that was posted today yet I couldn't be more excited for the show tonight. I'm bonkers for the guy, what can I say?? See ya later...


Blogger neddy said...

I may still be drunk from Saturday, but isn't that Hendrix?

You're on notice, Dee.

9:17 AM  

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