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Monday, October 23, 2006

Look at the leaves, they are peaking.

Oh the suspense! What has SuperDee been up to all week! Let's work backwards:

Sunday 10/22: Eugene Mirman @ Union Hall
Those of you who have known me for a long time know that my favorite website on the internet - hands down - is I just love that marvelous crooning child and I can never quite get enough of him. My favorite is the "Who Medley" if you make it over there.

Anyway, the actual person Eugene Mirman is a stand-up comic and I have missed the opportunity to see him a few times in SF. But now that I'm a Sloper, Eugene is my neighbor so the odds are much greater. Sunday night at Union Hall was a no brainer for me...

Eugene was hosting a night of comedy last night (as well as giving out random items like a scale, vintage cameras, and a heating pad from his picnic basket). The other comics were so funny too. The only name I remember was Kristin Schall because she was the last to perform and almost made me fall over on my chair when she did a re-enactment of the final dance scene from Dirty Dancing with Jesus Christ. Lots of laughs from 8pm - 9:30 and I was thrilled to find out that starting November 5th, this is going to be a weekly thing at Union Hall. Chuckles for all!

Saturday, October 21: Peaking Fall Folliage and Apple Pickin' with the Ladies (and Ron)
It was a glorious autumn day and thanks to the great planning by our lovely Miss Rachel Seiden, five girls and one Ron piled into Monica's Jimmy and headed out of the city and into Rockland County. We rolled up the road and oooh'd and aaah'd at the tri-colored leaves - peak week! We went to Dr. Davies' Farm in Congers, NY for apple and pumpkin pickin'. There were some fantastic photo opps, of course. Check out Monica's album, Rachel's album AND Lainie's album. (Waiting on Andrea's...) Apple picking was followed by a delicious lunch at Temptations Cafe in Nyack followed by a drive through the towns of Rockland where we happened upon a terrifying scarecrow invasion!

Friday, October 20: Marie Antoinette
Honestly, this movie is probably not worth paying the $10.75 to see it in the theater. Sure, there were some good lookin visuals and even a slightly different perpective on the history. It definitely made me think about the fact that Marie was just a 14-year old girl plucked from one palace and placed into another. Her only interaction with the "real world" was going to the opera in Paris. What did she know about hunger? Maybe she really thought they could just eat cake! What did she know about seducing her own husband? Sophia could have told this story a little better and in about 40 less minutes. Kirsten Dunst's talent was underused and the dialogue was so painfully average. Anyway, see it if you must. I know when I have my sights set on seeing a movie, I pretty much have to see it no matter what to make my own opinion.


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