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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Good to be alive today, eh?"

That's what this little old lady said to me just a few moments ago as she was hobbling down the street with her cane. You know what? She's right. Clear blue sky, crispy cold air... the holidays are comin, family time is imminent, merriment, feasting and celebration just around the corner... So what I've been working around the clock to finish last-minute-pre-holiday work as well as the 2007 JamBase Wall Calendar which is gonna be pretty sweet. Back and forth with photographers of all temperments and timeliness, band managers, crazy musicians (ya know I love ya) has been making me a little batty the last few days. But in a few months, I'm gonna get to send a check to KidsmART and that is gonna feel great.

Leave it to a little old lady to put things in perspective in about five seconds. It truly is good to be alive.


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