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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Park Slope Sure is Comfy

I read something last week about a Park Slopian (Park Slopite?) feeling like a little mouse when venturing into the "big city" of Manhattan. I am starting to understand what this feels like. When I moved back from San Francisco, Park Slope seemed a very very easy transition for me. We've got brownstones instead of victorians here but the vibe is very similar. Cute boutiques that are squeezing my credit cards dry, non-pretentious but delicious dining, happy people walking around with dogs and baby carriages and sensible shoes. Not that I have a dog or a baby carriage but these things are comforting to me for some reason.

Anyway... it's been days since I've left "da Slope" and I thought I'd share some of my new discoveries. I had my first visit to Southpaw last Friday to see a band called Califone. The band wasn't quite for me but a 5000 square ft music venue within walking distance of my apartment sure is! Union Hall is definitely becoming a regular stop whenever I have a Park Slope night. I missed the music there on Friday night but they had the can of Bud I was thirsting for at the moment! It's the little things, really...

Dining has been quite good in the 'hood as well. I had a great meal at Bar Toto the other night. Italian wines, scrumptious paninis, and addicting shoestring fries all with a very sweet neighborhoody feel. I also had a lovely evening at the very classy (for Brooklyn) Stone Park Cafe. From the first sip of Pinot Gris to the last bit of Root Beer Float dessert (uh huh... with a chocolate chip cookie marshmallow sandwich in it) it was a completely wonderful dining experience (no doubt also due to my handsome company). Another highlight was the short rip sandwich appetizer - ridiculous!

Music... I know I already mentioned Southpaw but I'd like to get more even local than that. Anyone know who Mike Gamble is? Mike is an awesome guitarist with a twisted mind who just so happens to bring a trio to Bar 4 on Monday nights - spitting distance from my apartment. So, after a visit to the YMCA, pickin up a little tuna from Kiku Sushi, I sat down at the bar and enjoyed the jazz, a nice glass of red, and good conversation with friends and neighbors. It's starting to feel like home around here...


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