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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rotary Downs - Chained to the Chariot

I'm going to do a cross-post kinda thing today because I'm sleepy-brained! I wrote a review of the new Rotary Downs new album, Chained to the Chariot, for JamBase so here it is:

Big gun brigand the rumbling drum
I'm going to come down to run the slums with a slicer
Here I come in a crumbling chrysler
Shun the sun one thumb on the visor

These words open the new Rotary Downs album, Chained to the Chariot. What does it all mean? Does it really matter when you have "slicer" being rhymed with "chrysler" right out of the gates? Chained to the Chariot has way more than meets the ear. Although the words themselves do simply sound great together, this is not just a case of throwing together nonsensical language to create a flow of sounds with syllables. This becomes excruciatingly apparent when you hear the words "seven thirty-five in the morning / forty-five degrees in the heart / all the little kids on the corner / they're old enough to see in the dark."

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