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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote... for Eisenhower

I just returned home from the darling PS 10 magnet school around the corner from my house. Goodness, New York voters have it easy! Step up to the table, sign your name, go behind the curtain, pull a few levers and step out. You're done. I was a San Francisco resident for about 7 years and man, they make you WORK out there! No doubt my friends in San Francisco have about 30 state and city propositions to vote on. On one hand, it seems really great to really have such a hands-on voice in the decisions going on in your state and community. On the other hand, think of all the people, and their various levels of educations on the issues, voting somewhat blindly. That's a little scary. Either way, I was pretty happy to have it simple this time. I had one objective in the voting booth today and I'm just gonna be totally partisan and come right out and say it: The Democratic party had a clean sweep behind my curtain. It's time to do whatever I can to get those creepy Republicans out of office.

Ok, enough of that. I'll let my brain go back to elections when Jon Stewart comes on later.

On to the music of the day.... THE SLIP! Election Day is also the release date of Eisenhower, easily the record of "arrival" for The Slip at their new place in modern rock. While they are somewhat unrecognizable from their first studio masterpiece, the jazzy and pensive From the Gecko, the sincerity and the integrity still screams loud. Fellow Slip followers will recognize "Children of December," "If One of Us Should Fall," and "The Soft Machine" which have been setlist staples for a few years. Guitar Hero gamers will get their "Even Rats." The brilliance of their evolved songwriting and poetry will make souls shake with "Airplane/Primitive" and "Life in Disguise." The Slip seemingly has become a band for everyone, finally. Faithful fans will never go anywhere as the connection that one has with The Slip is tenacious and unyielding. Sometimes they make you so mad or so sad all you can do is clinch your fists, shut your eyes and cry. Other times your mind becomes a blue sky, free from everything except the beauty of the music. Whatever happens at any single moment, one thing is profoundly true - once The Slip gets in, you can't get 'em out. Do what you gotta do to get Eisenhower today - the slip goods | rhapsody | itunes.


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