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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Day to be Cozy

Lovely weather we're having today!

I want to say congratulations to my dear friends in P-Groove for their cover feature in Flagpole - the go-to music mag of their new home in Athens, Georgia.

A quote from Brock about their new upcoming album:

“I think the elements that make us the band we are are still there, but we’re bringing more experience," says Butler of the band's evolution. "We’re no longer jamming out to see what happens, and we’re not just recording happy accidents. We like having ideas that manifest… and on this album I wanted a different guitar tone. I wanted crunch!”

I also wanted to comment today on how adorable Dan Rather was on Stewart's show last night! [The LIVE Midterm Midtacular: Tuesday, 11/7 Pt. 2]

Happy rainy Wednesday...


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