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Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Top Albums of 2006

We were asked to give our favorite three albums at JamBase. This was quite stressful as there were a good handful of albums this year that altered my being. So, I decided to get 'em all out here. In no particular order, here's 8 of my faves from this year:

The Dears - Gang of Losers
If it weren't for my friend Colin at Big Hassle, this album may not have necessarily reached my ears. This album became my personal soundtrack for about two weeks straight. The voice on that guy (Murray Lightburn) is just irresistable. My favorite track is "Ballad of Human Kindess" - great for strutting down the street. This also fills my quota for a band from the Montreal scene.

Rotary Downs - Chained To The Chariot
Yes, yes, I am friends with this band but all the more reason I keep raving. It's one thing if a friend of yours hands you their CD and you kinda like it and you have to tell them, "yeah, nice work." It's another thing entirely when you listen the first time, and then listen again to make sure you aren't dreaming. I love every song on this album. Here's what I had to say about it all.

My Morning Jacket - Okonokos
My current mantra is "My Morning Jacket is the best band on the planet." This double live album is a great example of that. I was there at the Fillmore during this DVD/CD filming and remember standing in the front row, mouth agape, considering jumping on stage and professing my undying love for Mr. James. The DVD is wonderful too.

The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers
From start to finish, this gem is a ROCKER. The kooky weirdo Jack White meshes well with the softer-sung Brendan Benson. I was lucky enough to see them perform these songs live and the powerful delivery of each of these numbers strengthens the album that much more. I love it! Tell 'em Jackie White sent ya!

Built to Spill - You In Reverse
Oh man, this was another one that became my soundtrack for a while. There are so many funny little side adventures that came out of this album but my favorite was starting to call my good, newly married friend "". Don't ask me why... we just did. Doug Martsch is such a songwriting genius, I just feel smarter after listening to this one.

The Slip - Eisenhower
Duh. Definitely the most meaningful album for the band, its followers, and newfound fans. Getting signed to Bar None and rockin' an opening slot for My Morning Jacket were just the visible turning points for The Slip. Take a closer look and you see a band that has come into their own. I'm so damn proud of them, I could cry.

Ray Lamontagne - Till The Sun Turns Black
Ah! The voice on this guy! Just makes me want to curl up in a blanket forever. This album is slightly more optimistic than his last album, Trouble, but only slightly. Heartwrenching lyrics delivered by a voice from the angels. This is the kind of stuff that gets under your skin and doesn't let go. Thankfully there is an artist like Ray that can express sadness so beautifully.

Beck - The Information
If only for the opening lines "one, two, you know what to do," I love this album. It's just plain good Beck. Let's face it, the guy knows what he's doing in the studio. Now, if only he'd get rid of those damn puppets. I mean, wtf? It was funny for like 5 minutes... But besides that, great album, Beck. You do good work.

Honorable mentions go to: Umphrey's McGee for their "all growsed up" latest Safety In Numbers; Band of Horses for coming out of nowhere and making people go coo-coo with Everything All The Time; The Disco Biscuits for giving us live "Shimmy" and "Basis" with The Wind at Four to Fly; and Cat Power for being so hauntingly wonderful and weird with The Greatest.

Ok that should do it! Let's see what 2007 will bring!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dee. Happy Holidaze! Great list for '06! I should really check out The Dears and Rotary Downs, sounds good.
I've started a blog and have some '06 lists goin. Check it out, and link me if you want.
Peath out.
Jason Huffer

2:03 PM  

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