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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Freaks Ball 7EVEN

I'm a lucky one. I came back to New York from the West Coast this summer and have been welcomed with open arms into the ridiculously active music scene here. The NYC Freaks have been on my radar for years and now that my zip code is in the right zone, I'm a proud member. With this membership comes the golden ticket to rejoice with fellow freaks at the annual "Freaks Ball." This year, the 7th ball, took place in my 'hood at Southpaw.

The organizers, our amazing Neddy and JR, put together a sweetly eclectic lineup for our enjoyment. The night began with The Dansettes - a new one for me! Doo-wop soul with a hot band... I would love to see them in a loungy kinda place next time with a martini in hand. Next up was the current incarnation of Chris Harford's Band of Changes, which included Scott Metzger on guitar, Joe Russo absolutely demolishing the drums, Diamond Dave Drewitz on bass, and, ahem, Mister Dean Ween on guitar. Ouch! This band was rocking so hard it hurt (in a good way). Here's a little taste of that sweet sweet pain:

Next up, SuperDee faves Apollo Sunshine. Great to see these guys in their shabby dapper digs. They've got such great songs and deliver with all their hearts, I just can't help but love 'em to death. Got my favorite "Flip!" which is funny because I now really am on the other side of the world! Here's a bit of them doing their "Magnolia":

It was a really really really fun night with great friends and music. Can't wait for FB8!


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