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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Soft-shelled crab po'boy, please.

It's been very NOLA-centric around SuperDee's House lately and that did not stop today with the announcement of this year's JazzFest lineup! Some standouts for me include Steely Dan doin' JazzFest with their Fez on, Jill Scott bringin' some sexy soul, Irma Thomas to make you cry, Ludacris for some crunk, ZZ Top with their beards (!), Van (the man) Morrison... New Edition?! I have to say that I'm kind of looking forward to hearing what (Downeaster) Alexa Ray Joel has under her fingers. My boys Rotary Downs will be playing the fest 2nd weekend - woo hoo! Bring on the brass, bring on the funk, bring on the jazz legends and the blues, gospel, and dixieland... Bring on the feathers and the Indians. Bring it on! I've got my you? More and more and more here:


Blogger rich said...

Super Dee I hate to split hairs, but Ludacris is not a purveyor of crunk. Dirrrty south rapper-yes. Crunk is a sub-genre of the southern rap family. It is more chants and call backs backed by a Roland. Think Lil John, think Three 6 Mafia or Lil Scrappy, but give the mutli-platinum mutli-talented Ludracris a little more props than that.

10:24 AM  

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