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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who Dat?!

Before I begin to retell the tales of this Rotary Downs weekend, I must share this ridiculous moment that materialized late last night. After RD's show in Brooklyn, we raced to drop off gear and get into the city to catch Skerik's Maelstrom Trio - our friends Skerik, Brian Coogan, and Simon Lott - at the Knitting Factory. This show was part of the NYC Winter Jazz Fest and we walked in like gangbusters to a room of sit-down-jazz-enjoyers. Things got a little more wild as our Zack began to yell "WHO DAT?!" to to the band. After the band was all done, chairs were cleared out, the loitering and shit-tawkin' were in full effect. Some NOLA Saints revelry ensued and Coogan started tapping out "When The Saints Go Marching In" at the keys. Like dogs responding to the smell of bacon, Simon and Skerik jumped up on the stage and we threw our stuff on the nasty floor and began to dance. Zack jumped on stage and started making some noise which lead into what I'm callin' the WHO DAT JAM:

Who dat think they gonna beat them Saints! Who dat! Who dat! Go Saints!


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