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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still Rockin (Back and Forth)

I'm sitting in my chair in my apartment in Brooklyn but someone must have put sails on my building because I feel the ocean beneath me causing my body and my mind to sway back and forth. You can take a girl off the boat but you can't take the boat away from the girl, apparently. This is most definitely a common physical aftereffect of being on a cruise ship for 5+ days but besides my body actually swaying back and forth like I was still asea, I still feel like my mind is trying to be back on that boat. After spending night and day with wonderful friends and music and silliness, it all still feels like a dream. Jam Cruise, makin dreams come true!

I've got about a billion emails to go through and what not but I couldn't not say "hello" to the blogosphere. Some top moments? So many to think back to as I look through my pictures but the top runners are when Peter proposed to Annabel on the pool deck during the awards ceremony, me sitting in with PGroove on "Only Always" and then being on the JamCruise tv's for the rest of the cruise, anyone and everyone from NOLA that was on the boat sitting in with Galactic, Led Zeppelin making it rain twice once during Galactic's "Kashmir" cover and once during UM's "Immigrant Song", Brownie's quick wit moderation of the JC Presidential debate... Obviously, this can go on for a while. I'll be back...


Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Welcome back to land.

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