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Monday, February 19, 2007

Go Go Bisco Go!

I gotta give major props to my Disco Biscuits boys for putting on some great shows this weekend at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. I have become quite a wimp to the cold since I've been in San Francisco for the last 7 winters. Only a few things have been able to get me out of the house for the last week. The Biscuits are one of those things...

Thursday's show was a lot of silly fun with their Spin the Wheel madness. Of course, all we kept hearing about for the next couple of days was how bummed everyone was that it never landed on Lesbian Makeout Session. Um, oh well. I skipped Friday night and hence missed one of my favorites, "Munchkin Invasion." I expressed my sadness to Brownie before Saturday's show and he said, "Yeah, it was sick, too." Thanks a lot, buddy.

Saturday's show was great for me. They pulled out a "Devil's Waltz" and I just love when they flex their classical muscles amidst the techno mayhem. It's so civilized. I want to be on the stage whenever they complete their rock opera with full string arrangement. It's gonna be epic whenever that day comes... But it was all about that second set:

Set II: Mulberry's Dream, Bernstein And Chasnoff > Rainbow Song > Bernstein And Chasnoff > Spacebirdmatingcall > OrchTheme > Spacebirdmatingcall > Bernstein And Chasnoff

Call me an old fart but that just rules. Nothing like a Bernstein sandwich. Nothing! (Andy B, if you're reading, I hope you didn't just pass out and hit your head.)

The Biscuits have the momentum right now. It's awesome to see their energy in such a good, positive place these days. See ya in a few weeks at Langerado!

Check out their newly designed website:



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