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Monday, June 04, 2007

Siesta Con Brock

One of my favorite moments of Amberland was the opportunity to see a couple of Brock solo sets. He really has created an amazing act for himself that lucky Savannah and Athens folks get to see pretty often. Thanks to trusty Joel in the taping department of the PGroove family, we've got his Sunday morning Brockfast set with lots of tasty covers right here. Enjoy!

Brock Butler Live at Amberland VIII - Cherokee Farms on 2007-05-27

Disc 1
1. Instrumental
2. Time to Move On
3. Garden Grove
4. Queen Bee
5. Kitchen of Funk
6. Super Mario Brothers Theme

Disc 2

1. Living Boy in New York
2. Soprano's Theme
3. Black Water
4. Boston Rag*
5. Livin' Life
6. Easy Like Sunday Morning
7. Sometimes
8. Here Comes the Sun
9. Asshole**

Also available are the two amazing 3-set shows from the band that weekend:

Sat 2007-05-26 Amberland VIII Cherokee Farms - Lafayette, GA

Sun 2007-05-27 Amberland VIII Cherokee Farms - Lafayette, GA


Blogger Joel said...

"Thanks to trusty Joel in the taping department"


and thanks to you for sharing your amazing talents both with the violin and the pen! enjoyed reading about your adventures at HS and Bonnaroo. hope our paths cross again soon and happy birthday again!

12:05 AM  

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