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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Echo Fest via iPhone

I'm experimenting with the concept of intentionally missing a music festival that's going on this weekend. This decision came after a busy summer/year that drained me in a few ways and figured it would be good for to me have that sense of yearning for a change.

The things you love have a way of finding you somehow. This time via Andy's iphone. Here are some photos he's been iphoning to me (that I viewed on my new Blackberry last night).

The Polyphonic Spree - Hey! It's the Sun!:

Mike D, Skerik & Les:

The Flaming Lips:

This one had the subject line of "Hi superdeeeeeeeeeee!":


My friend Jay Blakesberg is filming and webcasting at the fest all weekend too. Check it out here:


Blogger Dana said...

You were definately missed, girl!!!

4:41 PM  

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