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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Marco, you're also my hero.

If you have not already picked up a copy of Marco Benevento's Live At Tonic, I highly recommend doing so. The 3-CD Live At Tonic, released by our friends at ropeadope, is the compilation recording of Marco's Thursday night residency in November '06 at the now defunct Tonic, experimental music's former mainstay in the Lower East Side. Lucky for us, 2006 had five Thursdays in November making for whole lotta love from some favorites - Steve Bernstein, Dave Drewitz, Bobby Previte, Joe Russo, and much more. I gave all three discs a run-through today. I got the shivers a few times especially during the cover of Pink Floyd's "Fearless" on TRIO night with Reed Mathis and Matt Chamberlain. This is a real showcase of some pure talent that only some folks are lucky to be born with. More info, track listing, purchase and audio links here:

Check out some video while your head is in Marco-ville:


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