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Friday, May 20, 2005

ruins ruins and mas ruins

Hola! Just arrived back to La Tortuga from a day of exploring... The free car didn´t happen but i got one anyway. Started early this morning and drove to Coba (on waldorf´s recommendation - gracias amigo). It´s about an hour south to Tulum and then 45 minutes inland from there. Tons of groups of mayan ruins. i didn´t take a tour cuz it just looked annoying so i just roamed around by myself for a few hours. it´s really fascinating that all of it is still there to some degree. these structures are almost a thousand years old! the "big pyramid" there is bigger than the one in chichen itza and it was pretty remarkable. i didn´t climb it though - too hot and people coming down didn´t look overly psyched. it´s my vacation and i´ll climb if i want to!

From there i went to check out the village of tulum and then to the archeological site which is gorgeous. lots more intact there and you could imagine the people living their lives, having their little sacrifices at the different structures. again, i didn´t take a tour. too many people were looking hot and bored. so i took my pictures and roamed around on my own and then made it down to la playa which was so beautiful. hung out there for a bit with some lizard friends. (i think this is the land of the lizards!)

the goal at the beginning of the day was to also visit some cenotes but i was over it by the time i was leaving tulum. i actually tried to hit one up but they were closing so i figured that was a sign. i´ll see cenotes next time around...

back at the hotel where peeps are hangin out drinking coronas and whatnot. last night´s dinner was AWESOME. i went to an argetinian restaurant called Buenos Aires (thanks to waldorf, toby and kathleen for that rec). i had the juiciest steak in the universe. last night i dined with my new friends from austin and athens and just bumped into them again here at the pool.

so now i relax some more and eventually go have some dinner. everything´s feeling wonderful today. can´t wait to hit la playa again tomorrow. until then...


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