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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Amsterdam - it starts...

Figured I'd start a new blog for a new city (even though this is the same internet session)...

Arrived in Amsterdam last night, checked into my hotel which was not good - no bathroom in my room, noisy hallways, the room was like a prison cell with just a bed and a sink - not good. My new friends were staying just a few doors down so in my first 15 minutes there, I avoided any stress, booked a room, and told my hotel that I would be checking out the next day (today). The extra Euros is more than worth it for me to be comfortable for 5 nights - I have needs! So, now I am staying at the American Hotel which is very nice and just 2 blocks from the Melkweg.

Anyway! Went with Gabe and Robin (from San Diego) and Scott and Sasha (from Toronto) to a coffee shop (Dampkring, I believe?) to ease ourselves in and then to dinner at a Thai place. Saturday night in Amsterdam is pretty hoppin! Lots going on all over the place... We went to another coffee shop and I decided I wanted to go see my friends at the Sugar Factory where JFJO was playing that night. I think it was like 1am at this point so when I got there, JFJO had finished their set but it was good to hang with them! Joe Russo and Marc Allan on the scene as well... Brian, Reed and Jason got called up to play with the band that was playing (sorry forgot the name!) and Joe and I had fun getting in Brian's face for a while.

From there, it was bedtime for me... I woke up, changed hotels, and went out in search for an internet cafe and here I am!! My new friends staying in my hotel have laptops so checking in might be easier from this point on... Jam in the Dam tonight! Bisco! Umph! Duo! The 9! Can't wait!


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