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Friday, October 06, 2006

superdee takes a time out

Well, it finally caught up with me... A combination of a ridiculously busy week, a couple of rocking late nights, a fridge full of food from my first trip to Fairway, cable tv and a free movie coupon from Time Warner... This is a recipe for a Friday night at home. Sorry I had to miss your birthday party, Bernstein. I owe you a drink and a dance.

Another factor contributing to my shirking of social responsibilities is the amazing massage I had today from at new favorite place in Park Slope: the d'mai urban spa. Ahhhh, can't you just feel the tranquility setting in...

Shabbot Shalom, y'all.


Blogger JP said...

glad you have found some amazing massage. Life just ain't the same without it. Miss you lots!
BTW, love the blog, just bookmarked it!

3:57 PM  

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