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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Explosions in the Sky

When my good friend Scott Samuelson (aka Captain Sammy) tells me, "do whatever you have to do to get into that show," I take heed. He just knows. When I tell him about this awesome new band, he's like, oh yeah, "I have their last four albums." That kind of thing... Anyway, months ago, I was instructed to make sure and catch Explosions in the Sky at Warsaw on 2/19.

So, I did what I had to do and made it to the show on a cold Monday night. The genre of this music is called "post rock" according to Rhapsody which to me kind of equates to "post life" or "post apocalyptic." What Explosions creates is instrumental music that makes you really feel like you are out in space. Close your eyes and you are amidst the cosmic dust of the universe somehow. It's so uncannily human, though too. My friend and I were writing a movie for a little while during the show. Something about a papa coming home from war with the aliens (happy times) but something is just not quite the same (slightly eerie times) and then we are whirled off once again into space while taking a drive into the country (scary and unexplainable times).

After a while, I just closed my eyes and felt the music. The deep sounds vibrated through me at times and then the beautiful melodies would lift my mind. The band is leading the crowd through an intense shared experience. Fifty-five minutes of unique symphonic music later and you are placed gently back on the planet Earth to go forth and live your life as normal. Good luck with that!

I'm glad I got this sneak peek before their Langerado set... Check out more at and


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