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Monday, March 20, 2006

Amsterdam continues...

Ok, night 2 of Jam in the Dam is rapidly approaching. Last night was a lot of fun. It's a silly scene here. The bands played well - I just passed a mini-review onto Kayceman for posting with some photos on JamBase. I got two requests from two bands - Bisco played my "Munchkin Invasion" and Umphrey's played my "2x2" for their first song of the fest. Nice! I'll have to cook up some other demands for the rest of the time...

This morning after sleeping in, I got that feeling that I get when I'm far away from my friends, family, and loved ones and was wishing that you were all with me here. This is fun and all but it's nice to share it with some friendlies! So, I called my new buds Robin and Gabe who are staying upstairs from me and we were all simultaneously waking up and thinking about the Van Gogh museum. We found some pancakes (yum!) and walked down to the museum. Thankfully all the informational stuff was in English so I really got to learn about this man who went insane (probably due to a combination of absinthe and epilepsy and unrealized genius), unknowingly created a movement in modern art, and shot himself in the chest and spent two days dying from his wounds. Very intense!

Before I go, I would like to share this one quote from Van Gogh that I read today that spoke to me for whatever reason:

"I exaggerate, I sometimes change a motif, but in the end I don't invent the whole painting. Instead I find it ready-made in nature, though I still have to extract it."

Until tomorrow....


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